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Start your perfect online dukan.

Create a dukan in less than 20 seconds and start selling now. Sell on WhatsApp, Facebook and other Social Media platforms using our powerful sharing features. Notify users through SMS to increase your sales.

Get your FREE online store

with your personalised logo and cover photo!

Share and Sell

Sell anything on WhatsApp and Facebook

Manage Orders

Manage all your orders in one place via notifications.

Notify Buyers through SMS

Free SMS notifications help you keep orders on track

Products and Add Products Screens
Add Product Button
Adding a Product to Store field

Quickly Add Products

Its fast and easy add your products. Take a picture, set a name, set a price and add your product! You can also add your products to different categories, letting you easily build your online store.

Easily share your store
and products.

You can share your store or any product in your store over WhatsApp, Facebook or any other platform with ease.

Share to your list

or directly with a customer.

Share to all your groups

in just one go!

Manage all
your orders in one place

Get notifications for all your orders and never miss a sale!

Accept or Reject Orders

Accept your orders with one tap, update your delivery fee and keep your customers automatically informed!

Directly share your bill

With your customers over WhatsApp

SMS your buyers

Free SMS notifications help increase your sales and ensure your orders are delivered smoothly

Asked Questions

Why do I need an online store?

In the age of social media, if you are not promoting your products on Facebook and Whatsapp you are missing out.

Is MiniDukan free?

Yes, MiniDukan is on a mission to help small businesses by providing them free services. We don’t take any commissions on orders

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you will get a personal domain name when you sign up for MiniDukan.

What type of products can I sell on MiniDukan?

You can use MiniDukan to sell any kind of product, from clothing to groceries to electronics.

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